Stand out in your environment.

What makes my designs stand out from the crowd is that I bring a powerful desire upfront in celebrating contrast. Although the contrast feels natural and unabridged.

  • I love experimenting with non-conformist type of contrasting materials.
  • Revealing my clients deepest feelings about aesthetics is only possible by taking a stand. Exploring different ideas and approaches until we scratch the surface of what is your natural environment.


Put me in a situation where winning is desired and I’ll push the stakes.

  • By being a good team player and not creating dissension within the group I get lots done.
  • But don’t be fooled, I do have some traits that need improvement.
    • For example, my very unique approach to some questions may not always result in a complete success, and may cause conflict with others, because I sometimes lack a bit of sensitivity.
    • Also I may need to listen more to others and speak less.

But in my defense; I’m always open to new ideas and encourage others’ imagination. Yes, I like winning, but that makes me a good project coordinator.

INsight-IN resources

My energy in working toward goals and ambitions is very high. I love having control over time and resources. I feel at ease being in a leadership position. I prefer the freedom to take risks, but also feel motivated when having clear boundaries and limits.

  • As in most cases; Clear agreements make long-time friends.

I do have an “end justifies the means” approach when it comes to bending the rules.

  • Yes, I BEND the rules. Quite often actually. But consider that, when I do, it is out of creativeness in solving problems, not rebelliousness.

I’m just a bit impatient in solving problems quickly.

  • I solve problems by asking the right questions. I have a high degree of curiosity in a variety of areas. Gathering the maximum amount of information always provides me with the technical credibility when dealing with builders in need of detailed information.
yes, there’s still a glass ceiling. Although, it is something I tend to forget, I’m being reminded when I bump my head. But hey! I like to be seen as a catalyst for change. I’ll provide Insight-In your project.

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